I really enjoy Pete Sisco's Static Contraction philosophy and I keep reading his reports and articles because they make so much sense. I have introduced a few of his ideas into my training techniques, with very good results. While looking through his information, I was shocked to find these injury statistics and wanted to share them with you. It clearly shows that free weights are more dangerous!

A recent study, using data from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, shows that more people are lifting weights than ever before and it also reflects the number and types of injuries they sustain when lifting.

According to the findings, from 1990 to 2007 almost one million people sustained weightlifting injuries that sent them to the emergency room. That is a 48% increase in annual injuries.

Approximately 82% of the injured were men, however women represented a faster growing segment of rate of injury. Unfortunately women tended to have more fractures, whereas men had more sprains and strains.

The good news is that statiscally, this likely means that women are lifting weights more than they used to, which means the message of strength training's many health benefits is making its way to women.

The most common injuries are caused by dropping weights onto the feet, or torso. Loss of balance, muscle pulls and overexertion made up only 14% of the hospital visits.

Over 90% of the injuries occurred with free weights.

The researchers estimate that over the 18-year period, 114 deaths occurred. So that's about 6 deaths per year, when over 34 million people are lifting weights annually.

The thing I'd love to tell all these people is that injuries could be enormously reduced, if only people would keep the barbells inside a power rack, or Smith machine and only lift the weight a few inches in their strongest, safest range of motion.

They would still get all the muscle building, strength increasing benefits of weightlifting and all the related health benefits, without the risk of full range movements, with heavy weights, in their most injury-prone positions.

How long will it take the fitness world to wake up to something that has been demonstrated to be true, millions of times?

To reiterate what Pete says - Train with your brain! Don't be stupid and do be careful.

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Clinton Robson is a South African Personal Trainer and fitness fanatic and is a qualified Personal Trainer. He has completed a contract to run the gyms on cruise ships. He has done a special higher level course and qualified as an Exercise Specialist, or Conditioning Coach. He manages a local gym, assisting clients with training plans. He has been working out regularly, since 1996. He writes articles on many fitness topics, such as training, bodybuilding, working out, losing fat, toning the muscles, nutrition, supplements and more. Visit his blog at Fitness And Fatness, by clicking here, or by copying this link: http://www.fitnessandfatless.yolasite.com