There are many people, who would give a lot to increase their metabolism. Having a high level of metabolism, enables one to burn fat and lose weight fast, with the least amount of activity. Metabolism is the rate, by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories, to support life. There are several factors, that affect the metabolism of a person, such as the amount of muscle tissue, the frequency of the meals one consumes, genetics, stress levels, personal diet and activity levels.

Metabolism slows down, due to the following: loss of muscle, because of not enough physical activity, the tendency of the body to cannibalize it's own tissue, because there is not enough food energy to sustain it, and the decrease of physical activity, that comes naturally with old age.

Here are several ways, to fire up one's metabolism:

1. Build up, on lean, mean body mass.
It is only natural, that metabolism decreases, along with age, but it is possible to counter the effects. The amount of muscle, a person has, is a very strong determinant, in the ability to burn calories and shed fat. So it goes, without saying, that exercise is essential. Build strength and resistance, by working out, at least twice a week, preferably with weights. Do easy exercises, in between workouts. Simple tasks, such as walking the dog and using the stairs in place of the elevator, can already take off calories. The key is to match the amount of eating, to the amount of activity one has. Here are some guidelines, in getting the right exercise:

For strength training

-Increase the amount of repetitions, of a particular exercise.
-Add the level of resistance
-Utilize advance exercise techniques, if possible

For cardiovascular training

-Insert intervals, between exercises
-Perform cross-training and combine the exercises
-Add up on resistance and speed

2. Always eat breakfast.
A lot of people are ignoring the fact, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Surprisingly, those who eat breakfast, are thinner than the ones who do not. Metabolism can slow down considerably, if breakfast is taken during mid-morning, or if one waits until the afternoon to eat.

3. Avoid sugar.
Sugar enables the body to store fat. It is recommended, that a person consumes food, that helps sustain an even level, of blood-sugar. Additionally, progressive exercises, 2-3 times a week, should be in order, to stabilize blood sugar.

4. Eat spicy foods.
Hot cuisine with peppers, can increase the metabolism.

5. Get more sleep.
According to research, it is riskier for people, who do not get enough sleep, to gain weight. Also, muscles are regenerated, during the last couple of hours of slumber.

6. Increase your water intake.
Water flushes out toxins, that are produced, whenever the body burns fat. The majority of bodily functions, involve water, and lack of water causes the body system's operations, to decrease in speed, and produces unneeded stress, as a result.

7. Try to eat smaller meals.
It is advisable to consume 4, to 6 small meals, that are timed 2, to 3 hours apart.

8. Never, ever skip meals.
People tend to skip meals, in order to lose weight, which is a big mistake, since it slows down the metabolism.

9. Plan meals in detail.
Always prepare the right amount of food to be consumed, at the designated intervals. Do not commit the mistake, of eating meals in sporadic patterns.

9. Ditch the stress!
Stress, be it physical, or emotional, triggers the release of a steroid, called cortisol, which decreases the metabolism rate. Also, people tend to eat excessively, when stressed.

10. Guzzle up on green tea.
It can be used, as a substitute for coffee. Tea has the ability to stimulate the metabolism, and unlike coffee, it has no undesirable side effects, when too much is consumed.

11. Include more energy foods.
Try to introduce more energy foods to the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

Achieving the desired body weight is never impossible, if one has the determination and patience, needed to stabilize the metabolism level, which plays an important role, in weight loss. A person needs to realize, that eating right and working out, is not just a passing fancy, but a way of life.

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Clinton Robson is a South African fitness fanatic and is a qualified Personal Trainer. He is busy doing a special higher level course, to qualify as an Exercise Specialist, or Conditioning Coach. At present, he works in 2 gyms, assisting the staff with clients and training plans. He has been working out regularly, for the last 10 years. After completing the higher course, he will seek employment on the cruise ships, to gain more experience and then will open his own gym. He thrives on extreme sports such as canoe marathons, tri-athlons, iron-man, skydiving, bunjee jumping, martial arts etc. He has decided to use blogging as a medium, to share articles on fitness, exercise, bodybuilding, gym, training, weightloss and more, with other interested people. He is part of Dersalsites, run by his family. Visit Clint at: