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You Need To Exercise Those Muscles For A long And Healthy Life

Posted by Clint Robson on Thursday, January 28, 2010, In : Training 
It is essential to build up our muscles on a regular basis, during your lifetime, as this is absolutely vital to your long term fitness goals. As you get older, you will lose muscle and strength, if you are inactive. Loss of muscle and strength, is called sarcopenia.

This term also refers to the decreased quality of muscle tissue, often seen in older adults. Strength exercises can partly restore muscles and strength and can often achieve this very quickly.

In one study, nursing home residents,...
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Cardio Interval Training Has Many Health And Fitness Benefits

Posted by Clint Robson on Friday, November 13, 2009, In : Training 
In a long-term study of the health of the people of in the United States, the U.S. Public Health Service documented the chances of developing heart disease among various groups, in the population. Long before any symptoms appeared, epidemiological research could identify high-risk groups. The highest risk factors occur in males, over 35, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of certain blood fats and a family history of cardiovascular disorders.

Other researchers have added to th...
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Get Rid Of Fat And Cellulite For Ever

Posted by Clint Robson on Friday, November 6, 2009, In : Weightloss 
When Aunt Mabel turned 65, she was 25 pounds overweight. By strict dieting, she managed to shed the extra pounds, but when she lost more weight, she also lost her energy and vitality. She always seemed exhausted, and her family and friends, seeing her gaunt, drawn face, started worrying about her health.

By the time she volunteered for a particular fitness program, two years later, she had already put an extra 25 pounds, back on again. After 6 months of exercise and some willpower at the dinn...
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Exercises to Tone Up Your Abdominal Muscles

Posted by Derek Robson on Thursday, October 22, 2009, In : Training 
Whether or not you are busy with a weightloss regime, you might want to learn a set of exercises to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. This will provide them with the body and shape required, to form a visible six pack. The following exercises are all appropriate exercises, to develop that rippled 6 pack.

1) Side stretches:
Lie on your side, resting your weight on your forearm. Now raise your body off the floor, supporting yourself with your elbow and foot, to form a straight line, f...
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Anywhere And Anytime Exercises For A Firm Ripped Body

Posted by Clint Robson on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, In : Training 

This type of exercise generally makes your body strong and firm. No matter whether you are exercising or muscle building or bodybuilding, these exercises are quite handy and help a lot with keeping you fit and healthy.

Here are few anytime and anywhere Exercises:-

a) Crunch
Lie down on the floor on your back with your feet up on the couch or something. Give support to your neck with the help of cushion. Place your buttocks as near as possible to the couch. Lock your elbows. Now slowly raise your...
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How To Choose The Right Exercise Bike

Posted by Clint Robson on Saturday, October 17, 2009, In : Training 

When you decide to purchase an exercise bike, you should first find a place in your home, where you can place it, with enough room to use it and without any distractions. Then, as the next step, you'll need to think about whether, or not, you want an upright exercise bike, a semi recumbent bike, or a fully recumbent exercise bike.

Once you have made the decision, of which type of bike you want, check out the reviews, that are available in bike magazines and sports stores and online. You can al...
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