Here's a way to cut down on the length of your workouts and do total body exercises, that exercise many parts of the body and several aspects of fitness all at once. You can kill two birds with one stone.

Here is one such exercise. I started doing it about a month ago and I'm now addicted to it.

Roger Haeske's "My Lightning Speed Fitness Program" consists of several other powerful, full body exercises, such as the one I'm sharing with you in this article. These full body exercises allow you to get in the best shape, in the least amount of time.

This tip is taken from post number 250, of the Member's Only Forum, of the Lightning Speed FitnessProgram. The forum is loaded with exercise tips and techniques, in addition to the main Lightning Speed Exercises.

Instant Abs, Calves & Conditioning

This is one simple exercise that you can do, to get in great shape and build rock solid abs at the same time.

Recently, Roger had to stop doing regular workouts, because he pulled a muscle in his back after a soccer game. His abdominal squeezing technique was hurting his back, so he needed to stop using it, until the back muscles healed. He forgot about doing his ab exercises and in the meantime, his abs softened up quite a bit.

Then he tried something new. He started skipping with a rope, fairly intensely. He did as many as 500 to 750 jumps, in one session.

Not only did he find this exercise improved his general fitness, but it built up the explosiveness and size of his calf muscles and he was amazed to notice how rock solid his abs felt, after just a couple of days of doing this.

Keep in mind, he wasn't doing any specific abdominal exercises.

You see, each jump requires you to hold in your abs quite tightly, but he didn't even realize he was working out his abs and core at the same time. So, if you want a great all around exercise to add to your routine, I'd suggest jumping rope.

One thing that happened to Roger, with the rope jumping, is that he got very sore shins. He rested a couple of days and now he tries to jump rope on softer surfaces, like a carpet or mat. That has worked much better. Don't jump on a hard concrete floor!

Try jumping with both legs at a time. You can also alternate and jump with one leg at a time. You'll find this to be the hardest.

This is a great method for developing your calf muscles and your jumping ability. It can get your heart rate up really high. You should do about 100 to 150 or so at a time, before you have to stop.

This is more anaerobic conditioning, than aerobics itself! But, both are important to total fitness.

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