Pete Sisco created this new 30-Day Quick Start Program for the purpose of helping you go into the gym and get the best results possible, with the least effort.

His training is all about efficiency and he shows you exactly how to make your next eight, brief workouts, the most successful workouts you've ever done.

When he says 'successful' here's what he means. By the end of this 30-Day program:

    * You'll lift heavier weights than you've ever been able to lift before

    * You'll gain more muscle mass than you have in any single month of your life

    * You'll be stronger than you've ever been, at any age

    * You'll achieve all the above, using workouts with 25 seconds of total exercise time

    * You'll perform no more than eight workouts during the 30 days

Would you agree that those elements would amount to a successful month of training? Because if you don't achieve all of those Pete will refund 100% of your purchase. But get this, because the entire 30-Day Quick Start Program is downloadable, you'll still have the Program, the video files and the audio coaching that he provides.  Can you imagine how certain he has to be of this Program in order to take 100% of the financial risk and completely rely only on your personal assessment of your training progress?

Don't worry, he's not taking any wild chances. He already knows what's going to happen in the gym, because this is the exact program and coaching he's used for years and he knows how blown away people are when they train his way.

These are the same instructions he gave Tony Robbins in the gym, the day Pet helped him bench press 500 pounds and leg press over 2,000 pounds! Tony never forgot that day and you're going to feel the same way he did. If you don't, you can claim your money back. It's a simple as that.

This is the proven program in Pete's best selling e-books, but he has augmented it with video clips of each exercise that show you exactly how to set up and perform every exercise using his static contraction technique. This also includes audio instruction and coaching from him throughout the program. It's like having Pete in the gym with you, talking you through each exercise and sharing the little tricks and secrets that help you get a lot more out of your month of training. That was his objective in creating the 30-Day Quick Start Program - to make the experience as close as possible to you having him in the gym with you, helping you every step of the way.

Here's what you get:

    * Video clips showing you how to set up and perform every exercise the Static Contraction way

    * A pdf log sheet to keep track of your weights and progress for 30 days

    * A series of e-mails over the next 30 days that contain information and streaming audio

    * Mp3 files of the audio coaching, that you can put on your iPod or similar player and listen to in the gym, while performing your workouts (If you want to.)

    * Pete's personal 8-week 100% money back guarantee of your unprecedented success in the gym, this month.

Toe Press and Shoulder Press video clips shown. You can download or stream these exercise video clips (.wmv Windows format) into your computer immediately after your purchase!

When you complete this program, you'll have a thorough knowledge and understanding of static contraction training and here's the best part, you'll be able to continue with your training month after month on your own and keep your progress going until you reach whatever level of strength and muscularity you want to maintain. And at the end of the Program Pete will tell you how to easily and effectively maintain your desired optimum strength and muscularity, with just one or two quick workouts per month.

The price is a bargain, just for the revolutionary training knowledge you'll acquire over the next 30 days, to say nothing of the new strength and muscularity you'll have. It's about half of what you'd pay a personal trainer for a single session in the gym, or for some nutritional supplement that can't possibly deliver or guarantee the same success.

Buy the 30-Day Quick Start Program and Pete will send your first e-mail within just a few minutes and you can start your first workout as early as tomorrow.

Remember, as Pete says, "Train with your brain".

You can start this program tomorrow, or you can save each e-mail in a folder and start when it's convenient for you. Everything you'll need is in the 30-Day e-mail series and you'll always have access to them. It's perfect.

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