When you decide to purchase an exercise bike, you should first find a place in your home, where you can place it, with enough room to use it and without any distractions. Then, as the next step, you'll need to think about whether, or not, you want an upright exercise bike, a semi recumbent bike, or a fully recumbent exercise bike.

Once you have made the decision, of which type of bike you want, check out the reviews, that are available in bike magazines and sports stores and online. You can also take advice from family and friends, who are currently using them, or from personal trainers, who have experience in these matters. The reviews on exercise bikes, are normally in the form of rates, in accordance with their performance, functions that they have and the type of material, that is used for the construction of the exercise bikes.

The exercise bike that you select, should be comfortable to sit on and the seat should be easy to adjust, as otherwise it would be really hard to cycle on. If the height of the seat is wrong, it can put a lot of pressure on your lower area, specifically the groin. The distance between the saddle and the pedals, is also very important and varies according to your height. The position of the handlebars is also to be set at an optimum height.

To find out more about these types of features, it is very important, that you speak to those in the know, or read reviews, as they can give you valuable information, about the features of exercise bikes.

Reviews have other advantages as well. Often, websites on the internet, may offer special discounts, on exercise bikes, which is just another benefit, from taking the trouble to look for reviews. After you have read the reviews, and have all the facts, you'll be able to negotiate a better price, with the sales person.

Going to local gyms, is also a great way to find out more about exercise bikes. If you don't want to buy one, or if you don't have the space to keep one at home, you can always join a local gym and use one of their exercise bikes. There are usually several different types of exercise bike available, at your local gym, with everything from standard exercise bikes, to the newer electronic versions.

Whether you choose to buy one for your private home use, or use one at the gym, an exercise bike can help you to stay in shape. All you need to do is ride it, for a few minutes a day, and you'll be amazed at just how much it helps you. Considered to be a part of cardio training, an exercise bike can also help you to lose weight and to tone your body muscles.

Cycling is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise and uses nearly all the muscles in the body. So, if you are not up to actually going out riding bike on the road, use the exercise bike as an alternative. Don't just sit there and take a leisurely cruise on the exercise bike, you need to put your head down, your tail up and go like hell, for maximum effect. Once you get used to exercising like this, try increasing the drag on the wheels, to make it more difficult. 

A new craze, particularly amongst women, is spinning and most gyms run spinning classes. Check the gyms in your area and join up for these spinning classes. There is no excuse why you can't get exercise. It is simple and convenient, and motivating, when doing it with friends.

Many people pop in at their local gym, for a quick hours workout. You are normally able to shower and change at these gyms, so you can either go, on the way to work, on the way home, or even at lunch hour. It doesn't matter when you go, just do it!

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Clinton Robson is a South African fitness fanatic and is a qualified Personal Trainer. He has completed a contract to run the gyms on cruise ships. He has done a special higher level course and qualified as an Exercise Specialist, or Conditioning Coach. He works in 2 local gyms, assisting the staff with clients and training plans. He has been working out regularly, since 1996. Visit Clint's Fitness And Fatless blog at http://www.fitnessandfatless.yolasite.com