I want to tell you about an exercise for ripped abs, that anyone, of any fitness level, can do, anywhere and without any special equipment.

There are acually two great exercises. One of them is a special way to do basic pushups and get a great abdominal workout, which I'll tell you about in this article and the other exercise is available only to members of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. It's called "7 Second Abs".

You can just forget about all the abdominal exercise equipment out there. You don't need an Ab Roller, Ab Chair or the Ab Slider. You can get a powerful abdominal workout, just just changing the way you breathe.

Yes, the way you breathe! The whole exercise takes only 7 seconds and is very easy to do.

A great side benefit of this exercise, is that it forces you to take super deep breaths. It literally forces you to suck in all the air you possibly can. Did you know that increased oxygen consumption actually helps you to burn more fat?

This exercise has only now been added to The Lightning Speed Fitness Program. It's located in the Member's Only Forum. The Lightning Speed Fitness Program keeps getting better, because of the new exercises being continually added to the forums. Plus, if you have any questions you can just ask and get an instant answer.

Here's another recent post just added to the forum. It tells you another way to get a great Abdominal workout, from doing Basic or Military Style Pushups.

Let's see how you can get a great abdominal workout, from doing basic pushups. If you do regular pushups, you are not only working your chest, arms, and shoulders, but you are also exercising your abdominal muscles.

If you want to maximize the abdominal part of the workout, then you must keep strict form. The better your form, the more it works your stomach or abdominal muscles. Of course, you'll be able to do less pushups per set, but you'll be getting a better and more complete body workout.

When you get into a Military or Basic Pushup position, make sure your body is lined up completely straight. As you go down, the only thing that should be moving, is your arms. Your torso and legs must remain 100% rigid, to get the best abdominal workout.

Here's another way to look at it. Make sure your chest hits the ground and not your stomach. Of course, this approach won't work if you have a big belly, but you can still get a great abdominal workout, by keeping your upper body completely straight, throughout the whole pushup.

Make sure that your butt isn't sticking straight up in the air. That reduces the effectiveness of the pushup. Your torso should be in one straight line.

If you do 100 pushups or more, in good form throughout the day, you'll get the additional benefit of getting a great abdominal workout as well. You'll see your belly fat shrink and your upper body getting stronger and more muscular.

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