I'm going to tell you about five ways to burn off excess pounds and increase your metabolism. This means that you'll be burning extra fat, even while you are sleeping and all throughout the day.

Here are the five techniques to boost your metabolism

1. Put on more muscle
2. Eat more often
3. Interval Training
4. Run sprints
5. Eat a low-fat, 100% Raw Food Diet

1). Put on more muscle:

This is quite simple. A pound of muscle burns an average of 75 calories per day. A pound of fat burns only 2 calories per day. If you add more muscle, it increases your metabolism. That means that even if you aren't very active on that particular day, you'll still be burning more fat, now that you have more muscle.

The Lightning Speed Exercise quickly builds up the largest muscles in your body, your legs. By spending just five minutes a day doing this exercise, you can dramatically lower your body fat levels, while building more muscular legs.

I can tell you from personal experience that the more muscle I put on, the less fat I have. It just burns up the fat.

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2). Eat More Often

I bet you'll like this method. That's right - eating more often, makes you burn more fat. The key is to eat the right kinds of foods more often. If you really want to burn the calories, then add two extra salad or vegetable meals during your day. These should be raw and with no overtly fatty foods like oil, avocado, coconut or nuts and seeds. You can even add oranges or other citrus fruit or berries to your salad.

Alternatively, you can add a couple of extra meals of melon, to your day. These low calorie and raw food meals will boost your metabolism and actually help you to burn fat instead of putting it on.

Do you want to know how Sumo Wrestlers get so fat? They fast throughout the day and then late at night they eat a huge meal. By fasting during the day, it tricks their bodies into thinking there is a shortage and so their metabolism slows down greatly.

So if you want to lose weight, eat low calorie and high water content, raw meals, throughout the day.

3). Interval Training

There have been a couple of studies done testing the effectiveness of different kinds of exercise programs on fitness levels and how much fat these exercises help you burn.

It turns out that moderate intensity aerobics was much less effective at burning fat than interval training. What was found that for every calorie burned during the workout, that interval training actually burned, 9 times more fat, per calorie burned.

The interval training actually burned less calories (during the exercise) and was a much shorter workout. But for each calorie burned, somehow the interval training produced an increased fat burning effect, by 9 times that over the aerobics.

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4). Run Sprints

Running sprints is another great technique to build up your leg muscles and therefore burn fat. It has also been shown that running sprints in 30 second intervals, actually increases human growth hormonë production by 500%.

Over twenty years of testing and research in clinics and universities all over the world have proven the effectiveness of human growth hormonë .

* Increase metabolism, Decrease body fat & increase lean body mass
* Restore lost hair and hair color
* Restore collagen levels to erase lines and wrinkles
* Improve mood, sleep, and organ functioning
* Increase energy and endurance
* Increase mental energy and clarity
* Increase in sense of well-being and emotional stability
* Increase in bone and joint flexibility

5). Eat a Low-Fat, 100% Raw Food Diet

There's nothing like eating a 100% raw food diet, for getting that ripped look. Unfortunately, many people complain that they look too skinny.

The reason for this is that most people eating a Standard American Diet, are over fat and under muscled. I know. When I first went raw I hated how skinny I was getting. Little did I know at the time of the health benefits of being very thin. Then I learned that if I didn't want to look skinny I had to make sure I had good muscular development.

If you have gained even as little as ten pounds since the age of 18 or 20, then you could be at significantly increased risk, for health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The truth is that most people who think they are the right weight still have too much fat on their body.

3 Reasons Why You Lose Fat on a Raw Food Diet

1. Excess toxins are stored in your fat cells. A raw food diet is the lowest in toxins out of any diet. On a raw diet, you have much less of a daily toxic load; your body will then start removing the excess stored toxins in your fat cells. This results in a dramatic fat burning effect. Excess fat is due mostly to toxicity and not calories.

2. On a raw diet, it is hard to get fat, because you will feel stuffed, before you can possibly overeat. That is due to the extra fiber, nutrients and water contained in raw Vegan foods. You have to eat much more by weight and volume than you are used to on a cooked diet. So you will be full and still consume less calories. This is especially true if you follow an Optimal Raw Food Diet. All cooked food is dehydrated. That is why doctors recommend the extra 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. On a good raw diet, you will usually need to drink little to no water at all. The extra water and fiber will make you full with fewer calories.

3. You'll also feel more nourished and therefore won't want to eat as much. With cooked and processed foods, the nutrient content of the food is dramatically depleted and you'll tend to overeat because your body is desperately looking for more nutrients. Therefore, you end up overeating in your body's search for nutrients.

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