Hectic! Hectic! My life has been hectic lately. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I have been taking strain!

I was managing a gym full time, either 5am to 3pm one week, or 9am to 7pm the next week. On top of this, I was leading a martial arts class in my afternoons off, running a boot-camp in the evenings and then still running my own Personal Training advisory business whenever I could fit it in. I was running this routine 362 days of the year and had no opportunity to take leave. The fitness industry runs every day and people work out at odd hours around their jobs and other obligations. It can get really hectic!

Before I took the contract on the luxury ships, I used to work in the field, on pump installations and repairs. This allowed me time to study, work out and pursue certain sports. In short, I had a life outside the gym.

The work load in the fitness industry become too much for me to have any time for myself (and my girlfriend, family and dog).

A well known agricultural company approached me and offered me a job as a pump specialist. They offered to send me on a refresher training course and a sales course. I thought long and hard about this and eventually accepted their offer. The thought of shorter working hours, more salary and time to myself was too great to resist.

Look, I love the fitness industry and I loved the ability to "work" doing what I love and to train myself and others all day, but hey, it started to eat away at my social life.

I still train every day and I still help others with their training, but it's at my convenience.

The best part is that I am now thriving on other sports and satisfying my adrenalin cravings. I have a list of challenges to work through, but I have already returned to skydiving, hiking and a bit of canoeing. This weekend we are going hiking in the Lesotho mountains, near Sani Pass and camping overnight as we need to. It will be a big challenge and I hope the weather plays ball. It can get pretty cold up there and it is still winter over here.

Next, I'm going on a refresher course and will continue with scuba diving until I get my instructor status.

I'm still yearning to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro, raft down the Orange River, do some more bunjee jumping and try out the newly installed, Africa's longest  foofy slide across the Oribi Gorge.

So, as I said, it's been rather hectic and I just haven't had the time to post on my blog for a while.

I mentioned that I had made a list. Now this isn't just an ordinary shopping list of items. That would be meaningless, except to remind me of the challenges. All goals and results need to be quantified. There needs to be definitions, such as times, conditions, records, etc. Preparation is also very important.

Take this hiking trip for example. We need to prepare our minds and bodies to take on these challenges. All bookings and permissions must be finalised. Passports must be current. We need to pack energy foods and drinks. We need to take clothing and equipment for any eventuality, but cannot weigh ourselves down with unnecessary stuff. We have to carefully plan meals. We need to allocate who carries what. Our vehicle must be left at a secure site. We need to take certain medical supplies, a snakebite kit, bedding and so it goes on.

While on the trip, we will record distances, times, rest periods, it is not as easy as it might sound. When we return, we will collate our data and compare our results with others. Otherwise, what is the point?

The same goes for training. If you are serious about training, you too will have to prepare, set goals, record results and keep track of progress.

That's why I like the Power Factor. The Power Factor Workout is all about meaningful, comprehensive measurement.

Try a few workouts and you'll see what I mean. Just click here to see more, or copy this link into your web browser: http://dersalsites.ecs.sh/pfactor

Oh, and I will try to post more often! In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my life!

Clinton Robson is a South African fitness fanatic and is a qualified Personal Trainer. He has completed a recent contract to run the gyms on a couple of luxury cruise ships. He has done a special higher level fitness training course and has qualified as an Exercise Specialist, or Conditioning Coach. He has managed a local gym, assisting staff and clients with training plans and one on ones. He has been working out regularly, since 1996. He writes articles on many fitness topics, such as training, bodybuilding, working out, losing fat, toning the muscles, nutrition, supplements and more. Visit his blog at Fitness And Fatness, by clicking here, or by copying this link: http://www.fitnessandfatless.yolasite.com