This is soon to be the home of the old and popular Clints Training Blog. We are now known as Fitness And Fatless.

Clinton Robson is a South African fitness fanatic and avid body builder. He is a qualified Personal Trainer. He has recently completed a contract to run the gyms on 2 cruise ships. He has done a special higher level course and qualified as an Exercise Specialist, or Conditioning Coach. He works in 2 local gyms, assisting the staff with clients and training plans. He has been working out regularly, since 1996. He is addicted to extreme sports and has participated in iron man contests, skydiving, canoe marathons, scuba diving, bunjee jumping, off and on road cycling and many more.

He has written many informative artcles on a range of fitness topics, such as body building, fitness, exercising, vitamins, supplements, weight training, muscles and sports. At the same time, he has also written several articles on weight loss, diet, fat burning and alternative medical treatments. He is interested in the use of herbs for healing and has covered articles in this field too.

Please note, that although Clint is the expert and writes fthe articles, his father Derek administers the blogsite and posts on his behalf. Both Fitness And Fatless and Clints Training Blog are part of the Dersalsites stable. All sites within DErsalsites are run by the Robson family, who have been marketing online since 2003.

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