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How to Set a Personal Record in Any Exercise

Posted by Clint Robson on Tuesday, November 23, 2010, In : Training 
Personal progress provides its own motivation. Few things in the gym provide more positive feedback and personal motivation than setting a personal record on a favorite exercise.

That's why you see so many guys with T-shirts proudly proclaiming things like "Bench Press 300 lbs" usually accompanied by a caricature of a huge guy hoisting a seriously bent barbell. While most of us prefer to be more introverted about our achievements, we all feel the glow of satisfaction in being able to improve ...
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Tips for Effective Back Muscles Training

Posted by Clint Robson on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, In : Training 
Tips for Effective Back Training

Don't you think it strange that the professional bodybuilders, weightlifters and trainers always seem to ignore the back? When did you hear of them doing back training?

We hear of core muscles, legs, arms, chest, abs etc, but nobody pays much attention to the back! I find this strange and very under-rated.

For one thing, the lower back muscles are the antagonistic muscles to the abdominal muscles and keep that area of the torso in proper balance. The internet an...
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